DriveMe, a fleet service provider in Nigeria, today, announced the launch of its driver hailing and driver training platform, which will allow car owners to access well trained and certified drivers on demand. The 2 years old company reaffirmed its commitment to leveraging technology in its quest to tackle logistics and mobility problems in the country. 

The company, which provides driver training, outsourcing and other fleet management services to corporate organisations and individuals, prides itself on quality customer service for its clients and best in class welfare for its drivers . 

Speaking on the launch, Founder and CEO of DriveMe, Damilola Odunlade-Akeju, said “DriveMe driver hailing services was developed to cater to our needs in the new normal. We understand that a lot of people lost their job during the lockdown caused by the global pandemic which inadvertently led to the change in consumer pattern. Today, more people work remotely and therefore do not need a driver as they used to. Our platform was developed to deliver solutions to these two segments – those who need to hire a full-time driver and remote workers who might only need drivers occasionally, delivering economic benefits to both 

segments. While we remain committed to providing best-in-class fleet management and outsourcing services, we also digitized some part of our driving school curriculum because we discovered a lot of Nigerians do not have a good understanding of road signs and excellent driving ethics.” 

With a pool over 3,000 vetted and trained professional drivers. DriveMe is at the forefront of providing easy and unfettered access to qualified drivers when and where needed through its online platform. For corporate organisations, this significantly cuts down on the resources that would otherwise have been invested in an in-house recruitment process. These resources can then be redirected and refocused on their core competencies. 

Speaking further on the launch, the CEO said “We are committed to contributing to the success of our corporate clients by offering best-in-class mobility services while ensuring our commitment to delivering quality services to our individual clients remains unwavering. Our aim at DriveMe is to become a one-stop-shop for all things regarding transport and mobility. Professional and individual driver educations is also critical to us as there are too many people that can move cars but are really not great drivers, and in line with the Federal Road Safety laws, our aim is to reduce the number of road accidents recorded each year”

About DriveMe

DriveMe is a leading client service provider in logistics and mobility across Nigeria that offers services which include, Driver sourcing, hiring, training  and management, Driving School, and Fleet Management. 

The company is focused on helping organisations achieve business objectives by enabling them to focus on core activities while handling their non-core processes such as driver and fleet management. DriveMe is accredited by the Federal Road Safety Corps and also in collaboration with Lagos State Drivers Institute. 

The company has over the years provided services to various clients across Nigeria including Travel Paddy, Broadshift Technologies, Eczellon Capital, PlentyWaka and many other corporates and individuals.



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