This Nigerian Tried To Run For Office In Two Countries, Really

October 8, 2018

Nigerians are famed around the world for our determination and ability to spot an opportunity, and for good reason. 

We can sell bibles to the Pope, and we’ll even rent your own property to you at a small discount. One Nigerian by way of the United States is trying to be the Thanos of taking chances as they come.

When one door closes, open the window.

Vitalis Lanshima

Nigerians go to the polls to elect new leaders in February 2019, as we do every four years.

Jos-born Vitalis Lanshima is running for the Federal House of Representatives as a member of the All Progressives Congress. 

The only problem is that this living legend is also a member of the city council in Louisville, a city in the US state of Kentucky.


Lanshima has a quite inspiring story

He lost his arms in a freak accident before moving to the US and qualifying for the 2012 Paralympics as a US athlete. He’s lived in the US since then.

But things have not been perfect of late – since he turned his focus to Nigeria, lawmakers in Kentucky have been calling for Lanshima to resign immediately. 

Lanshima lost council elections and has to vacate his seat in November anyway but apparently, the future is too far for these people.

“You don’t have to be obsessed with me”

Mariah Carey - Obsessed
Like the icon that he is, the man says he has no intention of taking that route.

In his own words, “there are many things for us to worry about… we do not have to be obsessed with me. Please stop being obsessed with me”, he told a Kentucky newspaper.

Lanshima is already campaigning at home.

Like all serious candidates, he’s appeared on AIT. His campaign website says “I believe in Nigeria, and the immense potential that permeates our country, as well as the tenacity and ingenuity of our citizens,”

See what I was saying?

During that period, Lanshima has been paid 40,000 dollars of American taxpayers’ money. Can someone say ‘Awoof?’

It’s not clear if he’ll be the APC’s chosen candidate in his constituency but we stan an icon with follow-come work experience and multiple streams of income.


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