Summer is great everywhere. But Nigerian summer, aka the period where the rainy season rests and assembly-singing children are on break terrorising their parents, is the best. 

So we want to help you keep it that way. We can confirm these blockers of enjoyment will try to kill your summer ginger.

The heat

You: Excitedly making hangout plans because the rains have finally reduced.

The heat: 


Sure, you’ll get a break from early morning assembly songs, but guess where the noise and mischief go? Your house. If you have kids or younger siblings, take heart.

Your account balance

To be honest, only people with healthy bank accounts will even try to leave their house for any kind of enjoyment. Where do you want to go with ₦1k?

Your job

Unless you want to take sick leave all through the summer, where do you want to drop your boss and those one million deliverables? 

Nigerian parents

If you still live with your Nigerian parents, just cast and bind every thought of enjoyment because it won’t work. Now, go and wash plates.


You: “I just wanna relax and unplug from any kind of stress this month.”

NEPA, the economy and your local bread seller:

Finally, once more, the heat

Sunkissed really starts becoming sunburnt. 

Staying gingered in August may seem difficult, but Coldstone creamery is making sure that you’re able to sustain your ginger to enjoy the summer without hurting your bank account.

Introducing the Ginger Lemon Flavour, the new ice cream flavour from Coldstone that’ll help make your summer a lot more interesting. Take advantage of the Buy One Get One Free promo offer valid all through August and get your summer ginger going.



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