Ride-sharing service services are designed for convenience, and to a large extent, they do the job. However, this is Nigeria and we’re known for showing ourselves. Your experience with the service, in many parts, is determined by the driver you get paired with. Chances are that you have experienced at least one person on this list.

The 5-Star Addict

A 5-start rating is everything they care about, even when they don’t deserve it. Some will even demand that you do it before you get out of the car.

“Is it a cash or card trip?”

There is no right or wrong or answer to this question. You can only hope that they’re cool with whatever you said or they will rudely hang up on you.

The one who is ready for a fight

Little things set these ones off. You could ask them to reduce the temperature of the AC and they will go into a meltdown. Small play oh!

The confused one

They stop to ask for directions all the time. It’s either that they don’t trust Google Maps or not quite sure how it works. They are the ultimate time-waster 

The one who accepts your order while completing another trip

Why can’t you do this thing one at a time? Why are you so greedy?

The one that deserves the 5 stars 

You hardly find them, but it’s bliss when you finally do. They have a fire playlist, mind their business and get you to your destination in little time.


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