If there’s one thing Twitter NG is good for, it’s coming up with the most random slangs every day and expecting everyone to catch up.

After a Twitter user posted this about Faze:

And another responded in defence of Faze’s state of origin:

I decided to create a Zikoko dictionary of 25 abbreviations, slangs and phrases you need to master if you hope to avoid embarrassment on Twitter NG. Get your pen and papers out, and may the odds ever be in your favour. 


“In My Opinion” — Used when no one actually asked for your opinion.


“In My Humble Opinion” — Used when you want to offer thoughts no one asked for, but with a sprinkle of respect.


“I Prefer Not To Speak” — Used when you know your opinion will land you in hot trouble. Or when you actually want people to beg you for said  opinion. 


This verb refers to when the internet is attacking someone for their questionable opinions or choices.

Let him cook 

Used when you’re in full support of the TL dragging someone. 


Used when the negative/mocking responses to a tweet get more engagement than the tweet that started the discussion in the first place. Example: “They just ratioed your friend on the TL after he said he mixed plantain with ice cream.” 


“You Know The Vibes” — Used when you and someone are on the same page. 


“I Feel Your Pain” — For when you understand what someone is going through. 


“I Know Das Right” — Used when you support someone’s opinion or choices. 


Simply means you find someone or something suspicious. Example: Don’t you think it’s a bit sus that INEC said more people came out to vote during the gubernatorial elections than the presidential polls? 

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“Be Fucking Real” or “Be For Real” — Used when reacting to something that sounds unbelievable and you need the source to stop messing around. 


“Let Me Know“ — For when you need someone to let you know. Duh. 


“For Fuck Sake“ — Used when you’re shocked or disappointed. 


“For God Sake“ — Used when you want to say FFS in a way that pleases God. 


“Too Long; Didn’t Read“ — Used when you really don’t give two shits about reading the long epistle someone typed. 


“Heartbreak“ — Used when someone as hot as Stefflon Don breaks your heart. Please, do not confuse this with real breakfast like yam and egg, or moi-moi and pap. 


Used when you’re screaming on the inside but maintaining a straight face on the outside. 


“Greatest of All Time“ — Used when someone has achieved a major feat or is the best at what they do. Not to be confused with the source of asun. 


“You Know Ball“/“You Don’t Know Ball“ — This is YKTV but for people who watch football. 


“Just So You Know“ — Used when you expect someone to know something, but you’ve decided to share it with them because they’re not up to date.


“I get you” or “I got you” — Used when you understand what someone is saying, and you know the next course of action. Example: Chiby asked if I’d be interested in working on a physical 30BG hangout for Davido’s Timeless, and I was like, “Alright, bet,” 


“Account” — Used when you want to either send money to someone or beg someone to send to you. 

That’s a choice or Choices

Used when someone has made a bad choice, and it’s obvious to everyone else but them. Example: So this is the outfit you decided to wear to your first premiere? Hmmm. Choices.


“Let’s Fucking Go“ — Used when you’re excited about something, and you’re trying to get everyone around you on the same level of excitement. 


Sis, there’s a whole podcast that uses this slang. How can you not know what it means? 

Anyways, it’s “I Said What I Said“ — Used when you mean what you say with your full chest. 

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