Enugu people need no introduction to Father Mbaka. If you’re attending one of his infamous masses, here a few important things you should take along:

1) Pillow

Because we sleep here.

2) Pain killers

The body pain after the whole experience is out of this world. All that trekking and standing can kill a human being.

3) Dancing shoes

Who no know go know.

4) Or the spirit of the lord

Because you’ll definitely dance like David danced.

5) Snacks

Because it’s usually a long service.

6) Money for snacks

You’ll surely need to buy more snacks before the service ends.

7) Voter’s card

Keep us anon pls.

8) The name of your favourite BBN housemate or any other written petition

Octopus Paul is shaking.

9) A bottle of Aqua Rapha

One for you, and one for your neighbour.

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comment section below:

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