If you’ve ever had upstairs neighbours, you deserve a personal holiday because y’all go through it. Here are seven experiences you can relate to if you’ve had upstairs neighbours. 

1. Loud music

Why should other people sleep in peace or get any rest when they can just have an unplanned listening session with you? As an upstairs neighbour, it is your sworn duty to play music as loud as you can. Until they beat you up one day.

2. Loud shoes

Somehow, it always feels like upstairs neighbours don’t buy normal shoes because surely, it can’t be just shuffling of feet causing that much noise. Do all upstairs neighbours have handmade shoes with triple soles? 

3. Slippery hands

How dare you have a good eye and hand coordination? How else will you disturb your downstairs neighbours’ zoom presentation? At least 10 things should fall to the ground, how else will people know that you are alive?

4. Move things around

If your upstairs neighbour doesn’t randomly move furniture around early in the morning you must have very good luck. Human beings are irritating but not as much as the sound tiles make when you drag something on them. You best invest in earplugs. 

5. Drill things 

The first few months when your upstairs neighbours move in, you will hate your life. The consistent hammering, drilling and moving of things can make you run mad but what’s their business. 

6. Argue loudly

You figured out that the walls in your building were thin because somehow, you can always hear your upstairs neighbours arguing. It’s almost like one of the necessities for living on the last floor is to have a loud voice. Their conversations can be interesting sometimes sha.

7. Bang doors

People that live upstairs definitely didn’t live with parents who gave them hell for banging doors and it shows. These guys do not understand the concept of closing things slowly.

8. Have leaking taps 

If your downstairs neighbours don’t call you at least once a month because your bathroom taps leak into one of their rooms, are you even maximising your true potential? 



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