Every so often, you come across a tweet from someone who just saw a video/picture of a cute baby saying “Ugh I want a baby.” Do I even need to tell you how much of a bad idea this is? Will you really let baby fever lead you down the path of school fees, stress and bills? Rather than burying yourself in a lifetime of stress from children, let me give you 8 reasons why you should just adopt a pet instead.

1. Pets don’t need school fees

If you’ve seen how much school fees are these days, condoms won’t be far from your reach. There’s no reason why a dog should go to school, unless you want to use it to chase the teacher that flogged your head in SS1. Or will your dog do masters?

2. Pets don’t cry endlessly through the night

Have you ever met babies? Their mission in this life is to keep you awake constantly through the night. With a cat, you never have to worry about things like that.

3. Pets don’t need constant care and attention

Why are children so needy and clingy? They’re always wanting something or the other. Once you’ve given your dog food for the day, they won’t disturb you again. Dogs 3 – Babies 0.

4. Pets aren’t ungrateful

Human children will grow up and say you never did enough for them. But pets? Even if its eba you have, they will eat it and tell you thank you.

5. Pets can bring you the remote

I know you’ve been thinking, “If I don’t have a child, who will I send to bring the remote for me, like my ancestors have done?” Well, I’m glad to tell you that your dog can fetch you the remote too. Dogs 4 – Babies 0.

This Might Be Why Dogs Love Chewing on Remotes

6. Pets will not grow up and leave your house

Human children will grow up and leave your house, leaving you lonely. But pets? None of that. They’re with you till they die. Or you die.

7. Pets don’t ask for pocket money

As long as there is food at home, a pet is happy. But you see those human children? Nothing is ever enough.

8. Pets will not disgrace you

You can be on your own one day when you’ll receive a call from your child’s school that your son, Ajigijaga, has broken somebody’s head. Avoid all these stories by adopting a pet instead.

With these few points of mine, I hope I’ve been able to convince you and not confuse you that pets > children. Thank you.



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