If things weren’t so expensive, no one would work, everyone deserves a partner that will distract them from the choke hold of capitalism with memes. Here are 10 memes you can send to your partner to distract them from work.

1. The “I’m checking up on you” meme 

This meme is bound to make your partner laugh amid their stressful day and if they don’t laugh, they have no joy. 

2. The “Maslow’s theory of need” meme 

The meme explains itself. All work and no play makes Jack one horny person, they should do with that information what they must. 

3. The “that went south fast” meme

Especially when you guys have argued earlier in the day, they will either get turned on or you’ll become a shareholder on the streets soon. 

4. The “Why are you focusing on something that isn’t me?” meme

E reach to ask because why are they working when they could be with you? Do they not love you? It’s the audacity for us. 

5. The “that ass is disrespectful” meme

It doesn’t matter if they have a fat ass or not, the point is to distract them from work and focus on you since you want to be an evil spirit so bad. 

6. The “I’m not a poet but I dey write die” meme

When you send this meme to your partner make sure to add that they shouldn’t take the “have your babies” part literally. The earth is already overpopulated, please. 

7. The “This will keep you on your toes” meme

Every relationship needs a little extra spice now and then, you could be helping them live out some weird kink or this might make them confess to all the cheating you are already aware of. 

8. The “Break me like your iPhone screen” meme

No sane person will see this meme and keep working, especially if they work from home. You get what you want, they get distracted from work for a few minutes. No harm done. 

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