You can try to deny it, but we all know this breakfast will touch everybody in the end. So instead of crying and just feeling miserable, try these fun things instead.

Go to the gym 

And not only because you can put all your anger into getting a revenge body or get strong enough to fight your ex’s new partner. But with the number of people going to the gym nowadays, you may find your next love of life there.

Start a business

You may not even need capital for this business. Just take all the gifts they bought you, and the ones you bought for them too, and sell them online. 

Date their family member 

Find someone in their family and date them. If you can’t get their parents, go for their siblings. Because who says you can’t remain in the family just because one relationship didn’t work out? 

Start a podcast

Everyone knows, the more chaotic a podcast, the more fun it is. So you’ll be sure to drag your partner and warn people about love. Maybe you’ll even blow in the process.

Attend an orgy

Because who’s going to stop you? You can now go out into the world and have all the sex you want without anything holding you back.

Become a musician 

So many heartbreak songs, and you’re letting your pain go to waste? You better use your sense and cash out.


Whether it’s finding books to read on how to be more wicked or the nearest coven in your area, do it. Because you can’t allow yourself to be a mumu twice.

Catfish your ex 

You already know how this goes. Pretend to be someone else and wait till they’ve started to catch feelings before you ruthlessly dump them.

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