8 Baby Shower Gifts Nigerians Actually Want

June 7, 2019

Baby showers are fun. Maybe more fun for the people attending than for the soon to be parents who have 21 (plus) years of school fees in their future. 

At most baby showers you can expect to see the same type of gifts from all the attendees. Way too many baby clothes, on the rare occasion a stroller or car seat from either grandma or a very generous guest.

But here are the ideal baby shower gifts all new parents truly need and want but will probably never say.

School fees voucher

It could be on year of primary school or one months or one week. But I promise you the parents will be eternally grateful. If you are giving a voucher for one of those schools that bill in dollars, you’ve earned the right to sit at the high table at that child’s wedding.


Good ol’ cash is always a good idea. The money you were going to use to buy yet another onesie and a feeding bottle just give it to them. Do you know how fast babies outgrow these things? There’s really no need for the parents to have twenty of them that will only fit for a month. 

Gift cards

For anything and everything because not only the baby deserves to be spoiled. Do you know what’s better than a baby blanket? paying for a one year Netflix subscription for the mum who’s about to be home all day on months of maternity leave. 

Red or blue passport

I don’t know how you want to pull it off, but if you can that baby deserves to bare your first name and you get a front row seat at their graduation. 

Baby formula

This might seem like an obvious one. but it’s often overlooked. Mostly because your selfish ass can’t wait to see the child in the ‘totally adorable’ booties you got. But do you know how much baby formula is? At least 2,500 a tin. Do you know how many tins on average a baby goes through in a month? Five to seven. Just a month’s supply of baby formula could make a world of difference. 

A DNA testing kit

Just in case there’s any confusion as to who the father is. Don’t look so surprised, like we haven’t all been there. Plus just imagine all the dramaaa if the supposed baby daddy isn’t actually the father.

Omugwo lite voucher

The hardest part about being a new mum is those first couples of weeks after the omugwo. When the mother goes back home and the new mum has to face everything and new dad pretends to be very on board. You can help the new mum can giving her an omugwo lite voucher. What does it entail? You being on mummy duties for as long as you put on the voucher. It also means you’ll be cancelling more than a couple of hot dates to babysit.

Just a helping hand.

Babies are messy. Even messier than how you might imagine. Sometimes all the new parents need is a helping hand. You can be corny and make a coupon book they can redeem whenever they need your help.

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