The Nigerian dating scene can be a collection of wild experiences for women but not if you’re armed with the right questions to ask your boyfriend in every given situation. They might wiggle their way out with lies but that’s out of our hands.

Romantic questions to ask your boyfriend

70 Questions for Your Boyfriend That’ll Show You His True Colour

Consider these questions a window into your lover’s mind to see what’s behind all that fine face and banging body.

1.       Do you love me?

2.       How did you know you were in love with me?

3.       What are you like as a lover?

4.       What is your love language?

5.       Why do you want to be in a relationship with me?

6.       Would you die for me?

7.       Do I show up in your dreams?

8.       What’s your favourite memory of us?

9.       If I were to plan a date for us, where would you want to go?

10.   What’s the most romantic thing I’ve ever done for you?

11.   How did it feel when we had our first kiss?

12.   How do you feel whenever you see me?

13.   Did you have a crush on me before we started dating?

14.   How do you feel about PDA?

15.   Are you a Valentine’s Day fan or hater?

Interesting/ funny questions to ask your boyfriend

70 Questions for Your Boyfriend That’ll Show You His True Colour

These interesting and funny questions for your boyfriend can also help you get his views on serious issues from a laid-back POV.

1.       Do you believe in aliens?

2.       If your mother and wife are in your car, who sits in the front seat?

3.       Describe your childhood in five words?

4.       What’s your idea of a fun thing to do?

5.       What do you think about dancing in the club?

6.       What’s the weirdest habit you have?

7.       Wizkid or Davido?

8.       Twitter or Instagram?

9.       TikTok or YouTube?

10.   How close are you to the national cake?

11.   Do you fight in the comment section of Instagram blogs?

12.   What will you do if I fart?

13.   Semo or Amala?

14.   Are you a stan?

15.   What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

16.   Introvert or extrovert?

17.   Who is your next of kin?

18.   Fresh food or refrigerated food?

19.   Where do you press the toothpaste from?

20.   Do you have a favourite side of the bed?

Deep questions to ask your lover

These questions are the necessary evil that can either make or break your relationship. Either way, there is no middle ground. In the wise words of ex-Governor Nyesom Wike, “If e didn’t dey, e didn’t dey.”

1.       Do you believe in life after death?

2.       Who is someone in your life you can always count on?

3.       What does love mean to you?

4.       What’s your end goal for this relationship?

5.       How do you deal with negative emotions?

6.       When was the last time you cried?

7.       How in touch are you with your feelings and emotions?

8.       Do you think everyone should be a feminist?

9.      What’s your take on mental health?

10.   What are your long and short-term goals in life?

11.   What do you want to be remembered for?

12.   What type of parent do you want to be?

13.   How will you handle your family if they don’t approve of me?

14.   What’s your take on infidelity in a relationship?

15.   Have you ever been heartbroken and how did you deal with it?

16.   Do you have an emergency fund?

17.   How do you deal with bad money decisions?

18.   What do you think about surrogacy and adoption?

19.   How many kids do you want?

20.   Can you talk about your health history?

Flirty questions to ask your boyfriend  

These questions are perfect for testing the waters. You don’t want to come off as doing too much, but you also don’t want him to think you’re allergic to romance.

1.       What’s my favourite underwear?

2.       What are the things I do that turn you on?

3.       Do you remember the clothes I wore on our first date?

4.       What do I do that gives you butterflies in your tummy?

5.       If you could choose to take two things off my body right now, what would they be?

6.       What colour do you associate with me?

7.       Where’s your favourite place to be kissed?

8.       Describe your best romantic scene in a film?

9.       What body part turns you on the most?

10.   Are you drawn to looks or intellect?

11.   What’s something we haven’t done that you’ll like us to do together?

12.   Do you like my perfume?

13.   What was your first impression of me?

14.   What’s your favourite inside joke that we have?

15.   Would you visit a nude beach with me?



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