The first date is where you decide if a relationship is worth pursuing or if you should pack your shoes and run for the hills. 

The best way to do this is by asking them the following completely necessary questions we gathered from all the chaotic discussions on Twitter NG.

Is your wife a part of your family or a stranger? 

Open the date with this, so you’ll know where you stand in the long run.

How many eggs can your partner eat daily?

The only appropriate answer to this question is this:

Anything other than this, pack your bags and RUN.

“You are not the most beautiful or the smartest but I chose you.” Is this an insult or a compliment?

Don’t think too long, it’s an insult. If they tell you otherwise, just prepare for a relationship filled with lies and gaslighting.

How many times do you eat in a day?

The “and who do you expect to cook these meals?” is silent, but it’s still there, especially if the answer passes three.

If your mother and wife are in your car, who sits in the front seat?

You’ll be the queen of his life, so obviously, the answer should be you.

Refrigerated food or fresh food, which do you prefer? 

Food is food, yes we know, but if they prefer fresh food, and they look at you expectantly, get ready, they’ll drag you from Abuja to Ibadan and stress your life.

What do you think about dancing in the club?

You might think, “What does a little body movement in a place meant for dancing have to do with anything?” Until you find out you’re giving your partner the ick because of small leg work.

Are you a stan?

Stans are loyal and dedicated to their faves, so hopefully, when you start dating, you’ll become their fave and not have to share a spot with their number one, or worse, get kicked down the list.

What do you think of banger boys?

Or girls, you just want to know if they subscribe to the messiness of insulting people unprovoked, so you can run before you become a victim.

What political party do you support?

If you can’t trust them to pick leaders wisely, how can you trust them in your would-be relationship?

Whose name is your assets under?

How much control do they have over your assets? 

It’s not a competition, but you need to know where you’ll stand when it’s time to share their property.

How close are you to the national cake?

You need to know if you and your potential children will be beneficiaries of curses from the general populace.




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