People go celibate for different reasons (all of which should be respected), but one thing I’m tired of is people making it seem like celibacy is easy. That’s a bloody lie. 

Here are some hard truths about celibacy that people hardly share.

1. You are at your horniest when you are celibate.

During celibacy, the horniness in you is 10x greater than the horniness in the world.  Do you realise how much brainpower it requires to stay celibate when omega levels of konji are rattling around inside you? It’s insane.

2. Clarity doesn’t come immediately.

Contrary to what people on Twitter say, clarity doesn’t come the moment you start the journey of being celibate. Infact, some people spend a long time suffering in horniness and the clarity just never comes.

3. Celibacy can make you see double.

This is not a joke. Celibacy can make you hallucinate and have weird sex dreams. (Don’t ask me where I got my stats from.) But for real though, you can get so horny and eventually give up your celibacy to someone you thought was “worth it”.  

4. Celibacy won’t stop you from being a hoe.

The hoe in you won’t pack up shop and leave because you’ve chosen to be celibate for the time being.  Your inner hoe is going to be reactivated the second you’re back to being sexually active. 

5. Flashbacks keep attacking you like the thief in the night.

Abstaining from sex won’t set you free from flashbacks. They’ll attack for no reason at the oddest times and in the weirdest places. The strength to stay sane while dealing with flashbacks during celibacy can only come from God. 

6. You don’t have to make being celibate your entire personality.

Celibate people are like vegans in the sense that they will probably pass out if they don’t let the world know that they’re celibate. We know the horniness in you needs expression, but that doesn’t mean you need to express it to everyone you cross paths with.

7. You are actually jealous of sexually active people. 

Between you and your private parts, you know you’d rather be sexually active and your celibacy journey is a lot harder than you imagined it would be.  You know you’d rather be getting slutted out seven ways to Sunday, but you are waiting for the gift that comes from being celibate. 



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