1) It all starts when you feel a random pain in a random part of your body.

We Move! – Being Honest

Sharp and fleeting.

2) Even though the pain stopped almost immediately after it started, you wonder if that was your body giving you a sign that something inside has gone terribly wrong.

What if that was your spleen ramming into your liver?

3) You decide not to freak out and ignore it. But your mind goes into overdrive thinking about the wide variety of diseases that could be ravaging your insides at that very moment.

🎵Elephantiasis & Cancer! YOU BESTA BEELEEVAH!!🎵

4) So armed with your symptoms, you start an epic journey across the internet to find what ails you.

Type in all the symptoms, real and imaginary.

5) And find that, according to the stuff you’ve read, you died 6 years ago after suffering from a brief case of every type of cancer at the same time.

With just a splash of diabetes.

6) So you curl up into the fetal position and begin your descent into madness.

Like that one famous writer that lost his mind due to a violent case of syphilis.

7) The story ends with you arguing with your doctor when he assures you, after a full check-up, that you’re fine.

But that’s not really the end. Is it?

This will happen again.

It always does.

One year ago, we left Nigeria for an 80-day adventure across West Africa. Something is coming. Unshared stories. New perspectives. Limited series. 10 episodes.



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