7 Things We Now Desperately Miss From Our Nigerian Childhood

March 25, 2020

“Don’t grow up, it’s a trap” but we didn’t listen. Now, here we are, all grown, reading this post about a time we wanted to so desperately leave behind.

Here are some things we now miss:

1) Exchange rate.

I miss the days of 1 Dollar = 150 Naira.

2) Proper holidays.

I can’t believe I ever complained about being free from June till August without having money worries. I am sorry, Mum and Dad.

3) Being carefree.

Need that child-like lack of awareness during these Corona over-information times.

4) Saturday morning cartoons.

I can’t remember the last time I gave something my complete attention like this.

5) Birthday excitement.

This used to be exciting to look forward to because of sharing of cake and biscuits with friends. And especially not giving your haters anything.

6) Looking forward to Sundays.

As a child, Sunday = Jollof rice and enjoyment.

As an adult, Sunday = Office email and plan for the week.

7) Copious amounts of restless energy.

The older you get, the more tired you become. Because I recall a time where I could do 5 intense activities in a day and not get tired. However, these days, if I climb the stairs twice, it’s a wrap for that day.

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