No one talks about the reality of owning a dog because no one likes to admit that taking care of them can be hard. The next time you’re having baby fever and your brain tries to lie to you that getting a dog is a better option, refer back to this article. 

1. Dogs don’t like when you disturb their routine

If you let them get used to a particular routine during weekdays and you think you can sleep in during the weekends, be prepared for a rude wake-up call. No, seriously, they will whine and bark so much you’ll lose your mind. 

2. Dog hair gets everywhere

Is shedding normal? Yes. Is it annoying? Also yes. Unfortunately, almost all dogs shed. Be prepared to find dog hair under your bed, on your clothes, in your mouth and your hair. It’ll be everywhere. Be prepared to be best friends with a lint roller. 

3. They can be understanding

Sometimes they can tell when you’re sad because they spend time observing you. They know when you like having dinner, when your partner comes over, when you abandon them and go to work and they act accordingly. 

4. Make sure you research all types of breeds 

The reality about owning a dog is that if you don’t do your research it will end in tears.  You can’t buy a Lhasa

when you live in an area that requires that you have a German shepherd. Not all dogs will eat cold eba and okro. 

5. Get ready to sacrifice your time.

Dogs are no different from kids, you will find yourself cancelling plans because you couldn’t get anyone to watch your dog.  If you’re into risk-taking though, you can leave them unattended, good luck with that nice rug you just got.  If you can’t make the sacrifice, just buy a stuffed toy. 

6. Everything is a bed

Dogs love soft surfaces–rugs, pillows, piles of laundry, your breasts or chest, testicles, kidneys. All that matters is that they are comfortable, that’s all that should matter to you too. 

7. You need to trim their nails 

Nail trimming is much easier if you do it when your dog’s nails are wet. This little tidbit will save you hours of stress and effort. Except you like when their nails get caught in all your nice things then please cut it.



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