If you are a cat owner, you can definitely relate to any of the things in this post.

1) Being a servant

Your main purpose is to serve them, worship them, and adore them. Do you think you are a parent? Ha! You are nothing but a servant created to tend to the wills of your master, the cat. You do not own the cat. The cat owns you.

2) No more personal space

Your cat is always in your business. The biggest amebo of all time. You can’t just do anything around it without it wanting to come and see what’s happening. Amebo raised to power 1. You can be having sex and your cat comes in and sits on your face. You are working from home and you have a presentation? Your cat will sit on your laptop. Boundaries? They don’t know the meaning of the word.

3) Finding hair everywhere

Your bed, your brush, your fridge, your underwear. If hair can enter, you will find it there. The hair, like your cat, has no respect for your personal space.

4) Inability to sleep

Your cat will nap all the time EXCEPT the time you actually want to sleep. Then it feels like they have drank three energy drinks and they will sit their buttocks on your head and look down on your face. That’s when they realise they want to love you.

5) Always having kittens

If your cat isn’t getting pregnant, it’s getting another act pregnant. When God said be fruitful and multiply, cats took that personally. To a cat owner reading this article, your cat is pregnant. You don’t just know yet.

6) Expensive cat food

Not only is cat food harder to find that dog food, but it’s also more expensive. Cat food is more expensive that the overpriced food in Lagos restaurants. To add icing to your cake, cats can be really picky eaters. Today it’s good, tomorrow it’s bad.

You after buying cat food.

7) Having lots of broken things

Cats love to climb really high things and strut. The world is their runway and they will knock whatever is in their way out of it. Unfortunately, that thing might be your phone, vase, or other expensive property. Sorry.

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