This one goes out to all my man boobed brethren. I just want you to know that your struggles are valid. We will overcome one day.

*throws gang signs*

1) Not being able to run (or jog or skip or dance) without your boobs slapping your stomach.

That shit lowkey hurt like hell.

2) Not being able to wear form-fitting shirts so you don’t accidentally show off “the girls.”

So you resort to wearing baggy shirts to avoid starting a sex riot. Because if we’re being honest, society isn’t ready for all that jelly.

3) Having to tug at the front of your shirt from time to time because your shirt keeps getting trapped under your boobs.

The worst.

4) Underboob sweat.

This meme doesn’t just apply to women.

5) Being ashamed to take off your shirt in public because people are mad and won’t stop staring.

So you wear a shirt at the pool or beach and hope to God you don’t need to be saved from drowning because you’ll definitely die. (Added weight from clothes.)

6) Dealing with all the boob jokes.

Let them know.

7) Constantly thinking of how to discreetly order spanks, men’s sports bras, and all the other stuff you think will help hide your boobs better.

Don’t worry. Amazon will keep your secret.



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