Do you have some village people disguising themselves as family members? If you see these signs, then that’s probably the case.

PS: We’re not saying you should confront them sha. But these signs can help you stay guiding.

They’re always calling to check up on you

See, village people thrive on getting the latest information. The more they hear from you, the more they can plan how to pour sand in your garri.

They actually remember your birthday

Think about it. How come they remember your birthday every year? Something is fishy somewhere.

They give you unsolicited advice

Because they’re trying to mess everything up for you. If you like, follow them anyhow. 

They keep asking you when you’ll marry

They know you’re in the streets but they still want you to hang your boots so early. If it’s not wickedness, what’s it, please?

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They give you gifts often 

Once they give you something like a bunch of plantain or a tuber of yam, make sure you ask them to eat with you.

They appear in your dreams

See, if this happens, just cover yourself with the blood of Jesus.

You’re not even sure how you’re related to them

Once you start hearing that they’re the younger brother of your aunty’s cousin, run!

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