Maybe you’re supposed to meet the love of your life on the scary streets of the internet. If that’s you, you need to know how to hit them up online because, in this life, fortune favours the brave. 

We spoke to seven Nigerians about the wildest online dating conversation starters they’ve seen to give you a sense of what you should and shouldn’t do.

hit them up online

Jane, 27

I posted a picture on my Instagram story about people with compatible genotypes marrying each other. The next thing I know, this guy slid into my DMs and said, “My name is Ibraheem, and I’m AA”. I was confused at first, but then, he sent me the picture I put on my story. I actually laughed at it, and we started talking from there. Nothing romantic came out of it in the end sha, but we’re still good friends.

Omotola, 25

I get a lot of message requests on Instagram. The funniest I’ve seen to date was from a man who simply wrote, ‘Which bank?’ Obviously, I like money so I replied his message. I didn’t collect money from him, but that line was enough to get me interested. Everything scattered when I later found out he was married with two kids.

Dayo, 31

I started talking to my current girlfriend after she shaded Chelsea on Instagram when they lost a match. I thought it was a man because the shade was in pidgin. I was going to unleash frustration on the person when I checked the profile and saw it was a fine woman.

I responded with a laughing emoji, and we hit it off from there. It was a lot of football banter at first, but then, our conversations grew deeper, till we decided to go on a date together.

Diana, 29

I was on my own when this man came into my DMs on Twitter with this line: “Word on the street is that you’re my girlfriend. Let’s not disappoint them. Let’s give them what they want?” To be honest, I was more shocked at the audacity than I was confused. 

I laughed and told him he should go back and tell them to stop saying rubbish. He said he’s not going anywhere. More audacity. I sha surrendered, and we started talking. Soon, I was laughing away my WhatsApp phone number.

Lolade, 24

Someone once used a bible verse to slide into my DM. It was hilarious because I was a very religious person at the time. He literally said, “Hi, Genesis 2:24. I’ve only come to fulfill God’s wishes”. Immediately I saw the message, I started laughing out loud. As a sharp babe, I replied him with, “Father, let thy will be done”. We really hit it off and were dating after a month or so. He eventually served me breakfast, but I enjoyed the relationship sha.

Tolu, 28

The wildest episode for me was when someone liked my pictures on Instagram and followed me. Naturally, I was expecting him to send me a text, and he did. I was already eyeing him because I liked what I saw on his page. 

We got to talking, and he started complimenting me with sweet words. At one point, I asked him to tell me more about himself. His response was, “I’m a doctor. I really love watching football, and I have two kids”. What blew my mind was he went on to ask me when we could go on a date. My guy snuck in the kids part like he was talking about chocolate.

Emmanuel, 28

I think this lady had watched all these ridiculous videos online on different pickup lines to use. Because why would she come to my DM and be saying, “Are you Okro? Because you draw me closer to you?” I wasn’t even in the mood for rubbish. I just replied the message with “Who be this one?” Then she sent, “Hi, my name is Tolu”. It’s been almost a year and I’ve still not opened that message till today.

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