You may not think you are a 30+ Nigerian man, but if you use any of these emojis, then you are.

1) Lies and deceit

All the variations of the smiling emojis are weird and twisted, but this is one of the worst. Do those eyes look like they belong to someone genuinely smiling? Why do they love it so much? Is it because their lives are full of lies and emptiness?

2) The married man

This emoji is mainly used by Nigerian married men when they’re calling you “dear”. It’s usually used with statements like “You look beautiful, dear.” Whenever they start using this emoji too much, they want to cheat.

3) The tasty

This is one of the weirdest emojis they use. Statements like “you look good” usually have this emoji attached to it.

4) The serial killer

Either they use this emoji or they type “smiles”. Only serial killers or 30+ Nigerian men use this emoji.

5) The empty smile

The smile looks so fake it’s scary. The government needs to abolish this emoji, but 30+ Nigerian men might just enter the streets in protest.

6) The “smart” one

They use this when they are pretending to be interested in things you are interested in. Segun, we know you don’t really care.

7) The “fun” one

They use this emoji when they are trying to be “cool”. It usually follows statements like “won’t you see me later?”.



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