Watching BBNaija is a lot of fun. And even though the money won’t touch our pockets, we can at least take a few things to use in our own personal lives. Here are seven BBNaija wager tasks you can do to start off your day.

Cultural dance

Do this to thank God, or your ancestors, for waking you up in the morning. After doing small traditional legwork for them, pour yourself a cup of Lipton, and start your day.

Do small mental math

Do small four-figure-table calculations in your head to know you still got it. Once a brilliant, always a brilliant. Then drink a cup of Lipton Extra Strong tea to reward yourself before going to work.

Debate with yourself

Stand in front of your mirror and debate with yourself about everything from “ewa agoyin vs akara and pap” to “japa vs fight for Nigeria”. Or do a few self-affirmations to lift your spirits. If you don’t know what to say, try: “I’m a beauty”, “I’m a spec” and “I’m as fresh as morning Lipton”.

Anthem presentation

No, you’re not actually presenting the national anthem. You’re singing any praise and worship song of your choice. How can you not sing praises for seeing a brand new day? Do this with the cultural dance to really enter that morning vibe.

Work your body out with a dance

This one is for you and not for God. Give off some kinetic energy to get your day moving ASAP.

Actually work out

Has your day really started if you haven’t done a few pushups after taking a cup of Lipton Yellow Label Tea?

Make the strongest cup of Lipton possible

You know drinking tea is essential, but not just any kind of tea, please. If you can pour yourself a strong cup of Lipton Extra Strong tea, we’ll know you’re serious about starting off your day on a good note.

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Speaking of tasks, Lipton is bringing their own task to the BBNaija LevelUp house, and it’s going to be lit. Don’t fall our hand by missing the LiptonxBBNaija task because if you do, you’ll be missing all the fun.


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