Sometimes, Nigerian parents forget the home they come from so they start to display elements of pride. Here are six ways to know your Nigerian parents have become proud.

1) They start coming home late

When your parents start returning home from events later than 7pm, then not only have they grown wings, but the wings are full of feathers. How can they be trying such?

2) They don’t tell you where they are going to

Imagine you parent just picking car keys and driving out without asking for permission or giving an explanation. It is like they have forgotten the parent of who they are. Wow.

3) They stop sending you pocket money

Their disrespect level has gotten to 100. How can they just stop sending you money? Don’t they know you are their child till you die? Even if you are a grandparent, they have to keep sending you pocket money.

4) They no longer ask if you have eaten

This is them using style to also tell you they no longer love you. Once they stop asking if you have eaten, start looking for another home because their huge wings won’t allow you stay in that house anymore.

5) Changing WhatsApp dp more than twice a day

Who are they trying to impress? Why will they just be displaying themselves like that?

6) When they remember their passwords

If your parent stops calling you in the middle of your work day to ask you to remind them of their Facebook password, then they no longer need you.

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