If you’ve ever been on a dating site, you’d find yourself exposed to a myriad of humans who are just as horny as you are. One constant is the presence of foreigners on these sites. Which leads us to the 6 types of foreigners you are bound to meet on any dating site.

1. The normal foreigner

These are the good ones that want to chill and have coffee with you. They are very normal and can carry on a conversation pretty well. Their names are ultra-simple like “Jon” “Mac” or “Leo”. However, conversations with them burn out fast because they are so boring.

2. The Family guy

Always in his 40s with photos of him living his best life away from his family. Always eager to tell you about his family and their dog, Jessie. He will politely tell you that he’s been feeling lonely and desires your company while he’s in your country. Yoruba men have nothing on the family guy.

3. The overly sexual foreigner

The first conversation with them usually has some weird statement like “I can tell you have great nipples from your smile.” Don’t get me started on the Indians or Lebanese men who would outrightly ask you to show them your “vagena”. Alexa play “I want to put you in 7 positions in 70 minutes.

4. The traveller

Any account that has so many country flags in their bio is a traveller. They are always so exotic with their photos of cafes in different countries. Problem is, they want to know where you’ve travelled to and apparently, you village doesn’t count.

5. The chocolate goddess seeker

There are foreigners who like the idea of black women. They will come at you with praises of the smoothness of your caramel, chocolate skin. Hailing you like a goddess and making claims to want to worship you. Honestly, they are just looking for exotic sex but what they don’t know is that you become a quadriplegic during sex. Ojoro cancel ojoro.

6. The catfish

Any foreigner you see in an army uniform, know that their base is in Ikorodu or one GRA house in Benin city. The catfish foreigners are so wild. If you are here serving your country, why do you need 50k from me to deliver a gift to me?

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