6 Times You Absolutely Have To Be Yourself

August 1, 2019

It’s 2019. There’s no better time to keep it real than now. Wondering what we are talking about it? Wonder no more. We’re always thinking about how to help you live your best and authentic lives, so we’ve thought up 6 times you absolutely have to be yourself.

1. When you want to buy something you can’t afford.

Think again. All your friends might be using the latest phones, but if all you can afford is your torchlight phone, it is not a problem. Don’t break the bank to get what you can barely afford because you want to impress someone, or feel among. Last last, you won’t take the phone with you when you’re going to heaven. You’ll be alright.

2. Be yourself when it comes to style.

Your friends are rocking the best wigs, but you want to unleash your inner Lupita Nyongo. You go, girl! Do you! Be yourself.

3. Conforming to gender stereotypes is so old school.

Everyone has rules about what a woman should do or not do. Particularly, they say a woman shouldn’t drink, that it’s not “lady-like”. The irony is that you are a walking, breathing brewery. Let them talk, while you keep it real and drink responsibly! Last last, you only live once.

4. Following your dreams.

All your friends want a white-collar job, but you want to create the future. Don’t conform, don’t do follow follow, stick to your guts!

5. When you’re eating amala.

They say you should only eat amala with cutlery – whether you’re alone at home and especially when you’re in public. Sadly, the foodie in you loses home training when you see gbegiri, It’s perfectly okay. Truth is, nothing deserves your authentic self like amala and it was never really meant to be eaten with cutlery anyway.

6. Be yourself even though you’re talkative.

Your friends say you talk too much, but you don’t even say half the things that cross your mind. Remember that not everybody can handle your awesomeness! God gave you a voice for a reason; even though you won’t let us hear word with it, we love you like that.

Legend Extra Stout recently launched a new 45cl bottle; the brand has been championing the cause for authenticity. The brand believes that when you keep it real and refuse to conform to popular norms, you are a LEGEND.  So today, be like Legend, or better still Be Yourself.

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