The use of a wallet is a concept that has been accepted and for many good reasons. They are compact, easy to carry around, and can hold a couple of things. For Nigerian men, a wallet is only complete when it contains all of the following things:

1. Condoms

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Master fornicators have to be prepared at all time! Nigerian men may be unprepared for a lot of things, but throw sex into the mix and watch them become efficient.

2. Old sim packs 

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This sounds like something that should be at home, but somehow, it finds its way into wallets.  What are the chances that you will need your PUK number in traffic? I don’t know, but Nigerian men are not about to find out.

3. ATM cards

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This is cool and all until you realise that the odds that you might find a card that expired about two years ago somewhere in there is not as slim as you think. I mean, why?

4. Business and complimentary cards

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Okay, we can agree that business cards serve a purpose. However, you should know that collecting these cards and stashing them in your wallet forever is just weird. 

5. Old receipts

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I understand if you carry the receipt of your phone or laptop with you everywhere you go because Nigerian police be moving mad all the time. However, I can assure you that no one cares about the receipt you got at your last supermarket run.

6. ID  card 

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To prevent “who are?” (looking at you again, Nigerian police) and other questions that touch, this is an important thing to carry around.

Sha, don’t lose your wallet! That stuff can be heartbreaking.


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