6 Extremely Confusing Pieces Of Clothing That’ll Make You Ask ‘What Was The Reason?’

March 26, 2020

I’m not going to pretend to know much about fashion. I’m the kind of person that puts comfort really high on the list of things to consider when picking clothes. And that, ladies & gentlemen, is what gives me the right to question these pieces of clothing.

1) Sleeveless Sweaters/Hoodies

sleeveless hoodie

My secondary school’s official sweater was sleeveless and I distinctly remember it not doing shit for anybody whenever the weather was cold. The worst part is that our principal would whoop the hell out of anyone who wore a sweater that wasn’t the school’s official one. Over a decade later and I still don’t get it. Sweaters should have sleeves. WTF is the point?!

2) Crop top jackets

Image result for crop top jackets

So the weather was cold enough to warrant wearing a jacket but not long enough to cover your entire torso? Did the cold not extend from your chest and arms to your midriff? Explain!

3) Skirts attached to pants.

Image result for skirts attached to pants

I humbly ask the people who wear this to pick a struggle. It’s either one or the either. Can’t be both, dammit!

4) One-sleeved shirts


Chile, where is the other half of your shirt??

5) Bandana Tops

Image result for bandana tops 2000s

How do they stay up? HOW?!

6) Severely Distressed Jeans

Image result for severely distressed jeans

Look, if you’re going to wear shit like this, you might as well just wear shorts. These jeans look like someone was mauled by a wild animal in them. Kilode??

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