Yesterday, many parts of Nigeria experienced a complete blackout. Someone that knows someone that knows someone said it was the national grid that collapsed for the 482819th time. We don’t know why this happens all the time. It just does. So we made a list of things you should do while you’re waiting for them to fix the thing that went “pau” yesterday.

1. Reintroduce yourself to your family

Since you’re always pressing phone and laptop in your room, your family might have forgotten what you look like. This is a great opportunity to meet them before they forget about your existence.

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2. Play ludo

Since there’s no light and your devices are down, you can be playing ludo while you’re waiting for light.

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3. Clean your house

Be honest. Look at your house. Are you proud of it?

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4. Do your masters

Since we don’t know when they’ll bring light, might as well use that time to do a professional course.

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5. Do your introduction

Unless you don’t have a love of your life. In which case, you have bigger problems than the national grid collapsing.

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