The Nigerian government has implemented new retrogressive laws, taking the country a few more steps backwards. Now isn’t the time for jokes or insensitive comments. Before you say any of the things on this list, take your time and think well about it. Here’s a list of things you should not say to Nigerians living in Nigeria right now:

1.‘’Why haven’t you japa’d yet?’’

Not only is this tone-deaf, but it is also silly. A lot has happened economically and many people can not afford basic things. If everyone could leave, they would have. Please don’t ask any of your friends or family this question because people have different reasons why they have chosen to stay back.

2.‘’Channel your anger to the right people’’

The last time Nigerians gathered en masse to channel their anger to the right people, both old and young, were killed and injured. More than six months later, the memory of the Lekki massacre is still fresh in our memories. We still carry the trauma from the event that happened that day.

3.‘’It’s just Twitter’’

It wasn’t ‘’just Twitter’’ when it was used to announce the curfew that led to the injuries and deaths of many Nigerians on the 20th of October 2020. Twitter has been a very instrumental tool in passing information. It has helped politicians with campaigns, it has found jobs for young people, helped with crowdfunding, etc. Silencing a major tool of communication for young Nigerians is, in fact, a very big deal.

4.‘’It’s not even that serious’’

It is actually that serious. Instilling fear in people and censoring the major tool of communication for millions of Nigerians is serious. A country where 43.69% of its population are youths should not constantly stifle the growth and development of its people.

5.‘’Use this time off the internet for other things’’

Things like what?

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