One reason advertisements exist is so brands can attempt to explain how their products are different from the same product made by other brands (because there’s almost always a difference). However, there are some products that are so similar, no matter who makes them, that you see being advertised that just you make you laugh.

Products like:

1) Water:

This one kills me because water brand ads go out of their way to be like, “We make fresh and clean water,” which is weird because which respectable brand is out here selling dirty water?

2) Razor Blades:

All blades are capable of shaving beards or cutting bitches. The brand doesn’t matter.

3) Sugar:

All white is the same. The brand isn’t going to make your akamu taste different.

4) Salt:

Image By David Dewitt

I’m pretty sure that even the salt from Lot’s wife’s remains won’t make your food taste different.

5) Sardines:

Fish na fish.

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