Some people enjoy being in relationships while others enjoy being single. I asked Nigerian women the best thing about being single. Here’s what they had to say. 

Jay, 20

It is nice that I am single right now because I don’t have to overthink anything. If I was in a relationship, any little mood swing from my partner would be a cause for alarm. For me, being in a relationship for me is a distraction. I became more focused on my work and school after I left my last relationship. Also, it has helped me save money. I liked spending on my partners so I’m glad I am alone right now.

Funmi, 22 

Being single gives you the opportunity to pursue your dreams without reservations. It allows you to find your purpose. When you have a partner, you have to consider their feelings in your endeavours and if you are not resolute enough, you might lose your sense of identity. 

Tobs, 27

For me, it is getting to know myself and enjoying my own company. For someone who is still unlearning prioritising the male gaze and centring my life around romantic relationships, this is a breath of fresh air. It is hard — I get lonely and cry but ultimately, I’m loving being on my own. It is also nice not to have to spend your money on anyone but yourself, your friends and your family. 

Plus I can sleep with anyone I want. I don’t enjoy sex with people I don’t have feelings for but it’s nice to be able to say fuck it, I’ll have sex with this person and not feel guilty because you’re cheating — I hate cheating. The dating pool isn’t that great, so I’d rather be on my own if there’s no value being added to my life.

Ose, 20

Being single is less of a burden for me. It’s harder to keep up with someone else on bad days. There is no extra responsibility when you are alone. Also, I can tell those monitoring spirits that keep asking when I am getting married that I am single and know I am not lying about it. 

Tosin, 24 

I’ve been single for as long as forever, and it’s my choice.I don’t feel anyone should rush into anything until they are ready, mentally, emotionally, and physically. For me the best thing about being single is the freedom — I don’t have to answer to anybody for talking to someone else. I am my own person and I make my own decisions without having to make certain sacrifices for any significant other. It allows me to take adequate care of myself.



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