Feel like you’ve run out of interesting places to hangout or visit? We’ve got you. Iba Ajie is a new spot we highly recommend if you are looking to explore places in the Eastern part of Nigeria.

If you’re wondering what makes this spot special, here are 5 reasons.

1. There is a Chophouse

Yes, exactly how it sounds. You can chop all the delicious local and international meals you want here.

2. There is a museum

The museum holds over 200 pieces of Nigerian antiquities; masquerades, igbo ukwu pieces, benin and ife bronzes, drums, panels and carvings collected over a period of 50 years. Definitely worth feasting your eyes on.

3. Games galore

You’ll have access to full eSports centre offering global and local gaming leagues on the premises. Perfect way to unwind.

4. Arts & Creativity

Art exhibitions and digital skills training are periodically hosted. Satisfy your soul’s artsy cravings.

5. Best of both worlds

Ever felt like you wanted to have the best of both worlds – modern and traditional – while preserving important aspects of your culture? Iba Ajie Centre is definitely the place for you.

Iba Ajie is a community and resource center which houses a museum, a restaurant that sits 29 inside, co-working spaces, a research library with 2000 reference books, a coding and digital academy with 35 workstations as well as 62 gaming consoles for eSports and gaming competitions. We also have a training room and performance spaces indoor and outside.

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