Like Jumanji, there are certain games that cause nothing but anger, frustration, and misery amongst friends and family, leading to the complete destruction of relationships you once thought would be always and forever. Games like:

1) Monopoly

A board game with a runtime seemingly never less than 6 hours, Monopoly brings out the absolute worst in every single player. You know your inner sadist has jumped out and taken over when you already own all the houses but refuse to end the game, even though everyone else is broke.

Can you guess the Nigerian artist from two clues?

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2) Scrabble

You’re playing the game with a friend while others watch. It’s your turn and even though you’ve gone through your available letter tiles countless times, you can’t come up with a word that’ll give enough points. It’s been 20 minutes. You’re stressed AF because you know that with each passing second, they’re judging the hell out of you. You finally play a basic word (e.g. dog) and someone snickers. Enraged, you throw the nearest wine bottle at the person’s face. There’s blood, pieces of skin, and broken teeth everywhere. Game night has descended into chaos, and Satan is pleased.

3) Whot!

Specifically, the Nigerian multi-player game named General Market

. There’s nothing worse than the betrayal you feel when you think you’re about to shut shit down with your last card and then someone you consider a friend (or worse, family) destroys your dreams of being a winner by smacking you in the face with a barrage of pick 2s, pick 3s, and general markets.

4) Football Video Games

It always starts out innocently enough and almost always ends like this:

Player 1 (to opponent): “I gave you 2 goals at the beginning of the match and still won 6-0!”

Player 2 (dropping pad and walking off): “Maybe if your father worked this hard on his marriage your mother wouldn’t have left him for your landlord.”

Onlookers will now be like:


5) Charades

The aim of the game is to describe things, people, places, or phrases without speaking. Safe to say, the possibility of you making a big fool of yourself with this game is a strong 10, and worse still, if your teammate doesn’t know what you’re trying to describe and spends the entire time just staring at you, confused AF.

6) After round one

It involves the last person standing, getting their hands slapped with no mercy. That’s enough to let you know the amount of tension this game starts and ends with. Also, if your friendship isn’t built on solid ground, you might leave this game and block the other players.

7) Musical chairs

The players are supposed to dance around an uneven number of chairs until one seat is left, and someone is crowned the winner. But there’s almost never dancing involved in this game. It’s almost always just a quick two-step with everyone staring daggers at each other.



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