The things some Nigerians did as kids have shown me that I might have let my dear mum off too easily. I was the good kid, you see, a bumbling representation of the common Nigerian sayings “He can’t eat anything harder than a banana” and “If you put water in his mouth and travel far, you’ll return to meet the water in his mouth”.

Things Nigerians Did As Kids

While people like me were giving our parents peace, other kids were doing the opposite. We’ve combed through X and compiled the most hilarious “dumbest thing you did as a kid” tweets.

Why are you drinking disinfectant? God, abeg

Stealing our Lord and Saviour’s body and blood?

Give this man 20 lashes


Are you me? Is me you?

Big side-eye

Chucky, is that you?

I stan a selfless giver

May God have mercy on your soul


Daddy was real AF

Parte after parte

Wetin be this?

Screams in *ekun egbere

Not trying to send grandma to her early grave! 

Are you not embarrassed?

Very well done, Daddy

Heavy bombastic side-eye

Murife, don’t cry

Folarin Falana, is that you?

Not a human blender

The audacity to show up at the crime scene?

Well, I respect this

This is dark

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Kids will embarrass you

It’s giving “mover and shaker”

Little miss mischievous

I beg all of your available pardons?

Heavy evil laughter

Oof oof, mummy!

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