I always leave Nigerian TikTok with a dizzying feeling. It is organised chaos from my fellow countrymen that I absolutely hate to admit I love. The haphazard transitions, ridiculous storylines, and above all, the freedom to express an unchecked level of tomfoolery — inject it, please. 

I’m not the only one with this guilty pleasure, as suggested by a recent tweet on Elon Musk’s X. So I’ve taken the guilty pleasure of compiling 25 of the most ridiculous videos you’ll find on Nigerian TikTok right now.

Uncle Agbabiaka, please

Is it me or they kinda ate?

Shakespeare could never 

Anambra King Kong

Hide your babe!

Mummy, why?

Hollywood tried it and failed

Are you not embarrassed? This is really embarrassing 

Transition on fleek

He’s got moves

Where is his Michelin star?


Our veteran daddy

Not the talented mosquito 

How did she get Mummy to partake?

Excuse you?

Heavy bombastic side-eye

Granddaddy is lowkey serving 


Aren’t you impressed?

They’re the real housewives of Nigeria

Big purrrrrrrrrr

It’s lowkey a bop

“Dem go dey denge denge, dem go dey pose”

It’s giving Call to Glory

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