If you’re like me, you’ve been in a K-drama slump since 2022 K-dramas decided to break our collective hearts. So we had to do some digging, and we discovered nine 2023 K-dramas worth watching that’ll fix that slump. If they don’t, come and fight us. 


A woman who loves money works her way up to becoming the first female executive in a major advertising agency. Agency is perfect for fans of movies with strong and ambitious female leads, like Search WWW.

“Poong, the Joseon Psychiatrist” Season 2

It’s a  lighthearted series about medical practitioners in the Joseon era. This is the second season, and they’re finally focusing on the blossoming romance between Se-poong and Eun-woo. Watch this for a good laugh. 

“Crash Course in Romance” 

Secret Sunshine’s Jeon Do-yeon and Hospital Playlist’s Jung Kyung-ho star in this drama about two people who are like oil and water. She’s a cheerful former pro athlete who now runs a small store selling side dishes. He’s a celebrity maths teacher who’s always grumpy. Somehow, their lives get tangled up. Their love story will have you hooked.

“Can We Be Strangers?”

A legal drama that marks Kang So-ra’s comeback from Warm and Cozy as a legendary divorce lawyer who happens to be a divorcee herself. She meets her lawyer ex-husband again when they become colleagues at the same law firm. What could go wrong? Everything. 

“Kokdu: Season of Deity”

Kim Jung-hyun and Im Soo-hyang team up for a fantasy romance about a man who was turned into a grim reaper as punishment for his sins. Now, he possesses a human who looks just like him every 99 years. It’s sweet, it’s fantasy, and it’s romantic. 

“Love to Hate You”

A comedy about two people who don’t believe in love. One’s an entertainment lawyer, and the other is an A-list actor. Add a dating contract agreement and the chaotic celebrity life, and it’s every romcom lover’s dream series.

“The Heavenly Idol”

A fantastical tale that involves body swapping and devil fighting. Kim Min-kyu plays a high priest with divine powers who wakes up in the body of an unpopular idol from the band, Wild Animals. 

“Taxi Driver 2”

For fans of action-packed drama, Taxi Driver 2 is about a former special force captain who acts as an ace for a secret vigilante service. Who doesn’t love a good vigilante drama?



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