2022 has been something between a horror movie and a comedy. We haven’t seen anything like it before. But just in case you’ve forgotten, here are some of the unreal things that happened this year.

ASUU went on strike, again

Everybody, including the government and their minions, thought they were kidding since they just ended a strike in December 2020. But ASUU said, “Hold my beer”.

Narrator: And so they kept holding for ten solid months.

The government banned ponmo

We know it has next to no nutrients, but did they really have to do this? Ponmo has been there for us in this economy. It hasn’t commited any offense.

Ooni of Ife took many wives

The Ooni read the biblical story of King Solomon for the first time and said, “Is this your king?” He then married six wives in two months. We stan a true family man.

They applied Snapchat filters to our beloved naira notes

When this year started, did you ever think you’d see Ahmadu Bello’s face behind a vignette filter? Well, there’s nothing the CBN cannot do. 

Somebody’s daddy went naked to pray for City Boy

Upon all the shege we were shown this year, we didn’t think we’ll close out seeing someone’s daddy strip naked to pray for Tinubu, the city boy, traumatising us and the marine spirits in the process.

The dollar hit ₦800

Even after our friendly interview with the dollar, it went on a rampage and showed us it’s actually too sexy for Nigerians to afford. The betrayal!

Asake charged us ₦70k for a concert

We definitely want to meet Asake’s dealer in 2023 because this thing is getting out of hand. Ololade Mr Money decided to take his name too seriously, and yes, we’ll still pay, but that’s not the point. The audacity is loud.

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