If you support Manchester United, every day for you is a fight against the club’s attempt to ruin your mood. But most times, they succeed. 

If you’re a Manchester United fan, you can definitely relate to these pictures.

When there’s a match coming up and you just can’t wait for it to start

You’ve promised your haters that they’ll cry and you can’t wait to shame them

You even set a ₦10,000 bet with a friend on the outcome of the match

You remind them that Ronaldo is the GOAT and he’ll always turn up

You’re posting status updates with #GGMU every five minutes. 

The match starts and you’re hyping up your players

One of your team’s players gets an early goal in

And you’re screaming “siuuu!” because your team is nobody’s mate.

Then Ronaldo gets substituted… 

Because the coach wants to bring in someone else.

It starts looking like all the players suddenly switched off

Because why are they spreading their legs in the box?

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The opponents equalise 

But you shrug it off because your boys just can’t flop.

The second goal comes in and you become  oddly quiet

…And then the third

Then, one minute to the end of the match opponents score another one 

Then the match ends right after and you’re in tears, like last week and the week before.

You start ignoring all the WhatsApp notifications from the people you boasted to

While trying to think of someone to blame.

You want to point fingers at the coach… 

But you praised the coach before the match started.

When you see your friend and they ask you for their money

When you think about all the pepper Manchester United has shown you

But then you shrug it off and move on 

Because at least you’re not an Arsenal fan.

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