1. When someone asks if your glasses are real.

So you want to continue being foolish.

2. When one of your friends ask to try them on.

…then they pass them to all your other friends. #GlassesNotArtwork

3. Then they all proceed to put their gross, greasy fingers all over the lenses.


4. And then they remind you
how bad your vision is.

Yes, I know. That’s exactly why I’m wearing glasses.

5. When someone calls you ‘four eyes’, like you’ve not heard that before.

How original.

6. When they say “You’re so pretty without your glasses!! You should keep them off!”.

But you know I can’t see sha?!

7. When someone whose eyesight is perfectly okay wears glasses.

So rude!

8. Then people call those ones fashionable.

You people disgust me!

9. When your friends try to test your eyesight without your glasses.

I’m not blind please. Just visually impaired.

10. When everyone assumes that glasses = nerd.

I am not my glasses.

11. When you go to the doctor and your eyesight has got worse.

Fix this, Lord!

12. When people ask you if you sleep with your glasses.

Yes, I read in my sleep too.

13. Whenever someone asks if you’ve considered getting contacts.

Yeah, because putting things in your eyes is no biggie.

14. That one time you tried to wear contacts.

Never again.

15. When you forget your glasses at home, and the entire day is a blurry mess.

Well. There goes my productivity today.

16. When your glasses actually break.

Leave me alone to die. There goes my productivity FOREVER.


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