1. When they shout at you for being like a minute late.

Be doing like you did not see that mad traffic.

2. When you hear that they won’t be coming into work.

God is good.

3. When they make you do work that is literally none of your business.


4. When they expect you to somehow read their minds.

I’m not Jesus.

5. …and then vex when you do something that contradicts what they were thinking.

What did you expect?

6. When they tell you to come into work on a holiday.

Satan be gone.

7. When they turn you into their errand-person.

I don’t get paid enough for this nonsense.

8. When they insult you in front of your colleagues.

No! It’s not your fault.

9. When they threaten to fire you every other day.

Na you sabi.

10. When they reward your hard work with more work.

…and it won’t even show in your salary.

11. When you’ve already closed from work and they call you to come back in .

Hay God!

12. When they act like your job is easy or trivial.

I don’t blame you.

13. When they don’t pay your salary on time.

But you still expect me to come to work.

14. When they refuse to give you sick leave till they see you vomiting blood.

See me see wahala.

15. When you come up with a great idea, and they take all the credit.

Na me mess up.


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