I always say that Nigerian doctors and nurses really don’t get enough credit for what they do, but as great as they can be, we have all had some pretty unpleasant experiences in the hospital.
So these 15 things should resonate if you’ve ever been to a Nigerian hospital:

1. When that hospital smell hits you.

The smell of drugs, disinfectant, and depression.

2. When you see the queue to see the doctor.

what nonsense

Hay God! Won’t I die like this before the doctor sees me?

3. When someone tries to cut in front of you on the line.

sick pass

Sorry oh, me I don’t want to get well.

4. When the nurse just seems angry that you’re there.


Sorry my illness distracted you from Telemundo.

5. When the doctor just assumes you have either malaria or typhoid.


Is that all?

6. When you try to read the doctor’s prescription to see what’s wrong with you.


What the hell is this?

7. When the doctor tells you that you will have to be admitted.



8. When the nurse wants to start an IV and then misses your vein like a hundred times.

meek mill crying

Why are you doing this to me?

9. When the nurse just tells you to take off your trouser…

excuse me

Is that how you used to do?

10. …and then proceeds to injecting you like it’s a nail going in wood.

crying red

Why do you hate me?

11. When the nurse yells at you for throwing up.

sorry confused

Uhm! I’m sorry???

12. When the nurse wakes you up to give you sleeping pills.

sleeping pill

Explain yourself.

13. When you first taste the hospital food

gross food

Is this from the morgue?

14. …and realize you will actually get charged for it.

0af47e71392fd5faa04ab7176261f779_720 (1)

My God will fight for me.

15. When you see the final bill.


Well, I’m never falling sick again.

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