If your parents decided to go for a more unique traditional name for you, instead of a common English name like John/ Mary or a well known Yoruba name like Tolu/Tobi, then you’ll understand the struggle.

1. When the most common response you get after saying your name is “ehn?”


Na wa.

2. When someone starts squeezing their face while trying to pronounce it.

Rolls eyes well

It’s not that serious, please.

3. When someone asks you if you have an English name instead.


Better learn this one.

4. When you were the first of your friends to get a nickname, because no one had energy.


Did I tell you I want a nickname?

5. When everyone keeps asking you what it means.

ignoring you

Leave me, abeg.

6. When someone gets it on the first try.


OMG! Marry me.

7. When someone asks you if it’s really your name.

side eye

Is this one well?

8. When you just knew it would never be on any coke bottle.

coke bottle

Oh? You have Akpors but you don’t have my name?

9. When you have to raise your hand before they get to announcing your name to save them the stress.

stop there

Before you bite your tongue.

10. When even your phone’s autocorrect thinks it’s wrong.


Really? REALLY??

11. When you have to constantly correct it on official documents.


Is this my life?

12. When even your friends spell it wrong.

rootinf gor you

The betrayal.

13. When you just start answering to all the different pronunciations people have for it.

File_001 (1)

Just say it however you like.

14. When someone asks you why your parents gave it to you.

confused huh

Why are you asking me?

15. When even you start to wonder why your parents gave it to you.


Did English name finish?


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