1. When you stop a cab and the first price he calls just makes you laugh.

From where to where?

2. When you finally agree on a price but the thing is still paining you.

My God will sha fight for me.

3. When you calculate how much taking a bus would have cost for the same journey.

I’ve made a terrible mistake.

4. When you realize the cab doesn’t even have AC.

What is this rubbish?

5. When you know he overcharged you and you guys get stuck in traffic.

Good, we will spend all that money on this road.

6. When he keeps changing the radio from one bad station to another.

Stop it. Just stop it.

7. When he told you he knew the way, but starts asking for directions halfway through.

Is this one ok?

8. When he tries to start a conversation with you.

Nope. Nah. No.

9. When he suddenly starts complaining that the place is too far.

Why are you now telling me?

10. When he starts talking about you adding money.

See ehn, just don’t.

11. When you stop paying attention for like a second and he carries you somewhere else.

12. When Lagosians hear how little people in other parts of Nigeria pay for cabs.

Wait! In this same Nigeria? Abuja sef?

13. When you entered the cab without money hoping to withdraw at the ATM, and your card gets declined.

Hay God! I’m dead.

14. When he starts complaining that the road to the place is bad.

Am I Ambode? Why are you telling me?

15. When he tries to give you his number for “next time” after overcharging you.

You’re very mad.


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