As a social media manager, you’re the reason why people know about a brand. You go out of your way to create schedules and engaging /creative content that keep people coming back to the page.

Some are funny and know how to read the room, but some cough A*sos cough don’t.

Anyways, here are some of the struggles of the not-so-glamorous life of a social media manager.

1. You feel like you’ve made it in life when people are retweeting, sharing or liking all your posts.

2. You feel even better when they comment

You on your CV: Call me boss, oga boss

3. Your heart breaks a little when anyone unfollows the account

I thought only men break hearts

4. You begging people to follow the account

I will not let you go, unless you follow us

5. You’re constantly checking for the ideal time to post

I can see you online better interact, don’t let the devil use you

6. After begging family, friends and enemies to follow, you still have to explain that you can’t follow back because it’s a business account.

I take God name beg you.

. You can’t count how many times you’ve lost sleep keeping up with trends.

Even God rests on Thursday abi Sunday

8. When they drag the brand it feels like a personal attack 

9. You die a little when people are interacting with a post but no one is following

Just kuku kill me

10. You’re constantly stressing about you mistakenly using the company’s account to share a post about your cheating ex.

11. The one day you sleep early, another tech startup becomes a unicorn

Shey you couldn’t wait?

12. You have to deal with people applying for your job via DM

13. Once in a while your post bangs and everyone on the team cheers you on.

You to them: it wasn’t hard, it’s my job

You in your head: this better not be a fluke 



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