13 Old Nollywood Memes That Perfectly Describe 2020

March 26, 2020

2020 has been a supremely shitty year so far, with the Coronavirus basically stopping the world in its tracks. So, in a bid to find some much-needed laughter, we’ve gathered some of the best @yung.nollywood memes that describe how we are all feeling right now.

1. This meme that aged like fried rice:

2. When you see the 11th “BREAKING NEWS” in one hour.

3. Coronavirus fucking up all your travel plans:

4. Mother Nature punishing us for polluting the earth:

5. Nigerians, once they heard they should stay in their houses:

6. You, realising that the world will never be the same after all this:

7. You, trying not to die of boredom at home:

8. When someone coughs around you.

9. You, after eating all your isolation snacks in one day:

10. You, thinking about all the sex the virus is stopping you from having:

11. You, every 5 minutes: “Is this the way I normally breathe?”

12. When a rich Nigerian offers up prayers instead of money.

13. You, realising you have to do the “work” in “work from home”:

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