If you grew up in the 2000s, then you did one or more of these things:

1) Using floppy disks.

I can’t even remember what we used it for. Lmao.

2) Manually looking up words in a dictionary.

Those small Oxford dictionaries suffered in my hands.

3) Waiting for Channels to show cartoons on Sunday.

Who else remembers watching Spider man on Channels?

4) Doing midnight calls on MTN.

Good times oh.

5) Eagerly waiting for the next episode of Super Story or Papa Ajasco.

Toyin Tomato and Suara.

6) Using flip phones.

There was no greater swag than closing this phone in anger.

7) Believing in witches and wizards.

It’s a pity that kids these days don’t have Mount Zion movies to scare them correct.

8) Listening to music on Walkman or MP3 players.

Who else remembers listening to Craig David’s “I’m walking away” on their Walkman?

9) Going to Cyber Cafes.

Thank God for affordable mobile data. The days of overnight browsing are well over.

10) Recording your ringtone from the radio.

Then begging everyone to be quiet while you recorded it.

11) Buying 100 in 1 DVD’s.

The very first “Netflix.” So many options to choose from.

12) Actually hating WhatsApp calls.

There was a time that WhatsApp calls were deemed a “broke” people thing. Thank God for growth.


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