The only thing worse than chopping breakfast served by your lover is being denied food at an owambe. If you’ve ever experienced this, then you can relate to these pictures.

So you’ve thought about this owambe you were invited to all week, and now you can’t wait to attend. You get there and you totally love the ambiance. Today is going to be a good day.

You choose your seat strategically so you can avoid any stories that touch the heart

You dance moderately so you don’t miss the real reason you’re here

They shart sharing food and you keep your cool so you don’t look too excited

An hour passes and you’ve still not gotten food

But the 50+ man beside you has already wiped his plate clean. Now you’re wondering if you’re invisible.

You swallow your pride and decide to be assertive 

You ask for food but someone says, “I’ve served everybody here nauuu!”

You start begging with your face

Not all-out begging o. You just give them face so that the usher will pity you. So they agree to give you food. All is finally well.

They come back to tell you that it’s only semo they have left

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You try to hold back the tears as you say, “bring it” 

But they tell you meat has finished.

At this point, you can’t hold back the tears anymore

Someone sees your pain and gives you a souvenir so you don’t feel so bad

You leave in regrets and decide to try again next Sunday

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