Today is the 31st of December. At this time every year, people across the world start to chant the same old thing ‘New year new me’, as they prepare a list of new year’s resolutions they only intend to keep till February. Whether or not you’ve made your list here are some key things you shouldn’t leave out as a Nigerian.

Make sure you stay on your lane in traffic.

You think Buhari is the cause of your traffic problems, it’s you, you are the problem.

Not to be that person that shouts loudly in cinemas.

Or claps, please let people enjoy things.

If you are a Twiter or Instagram vendor for the love of God please put prices on your page in 2019.

Don’t let someone do job interview just to find out how much shoe will cost.

If you are one of those people who carry these kind of bags as hand luggage when you are travelling, change your ways in 2019.

Hand luggage that human being can enter, don’t you fear God?

If you are the kind of houseguest that shows up without notice and stays for 2 months when you said you’ll stay for two weeks. As you are entering 2019 leave that nonsense in 2018.

Let’s all behave ourselves.

If you used to tweet or post spoilers of movies and shows most people haven’t seen yet, 2019 is the time for you to turn a new leaf.

We’ll soon come together as a people and start blocking your kind.

If you are one of those people who sends fake news BC on whatsapp you better start behaving yourself this new year.

In fact, if you send any BCs at all, stop it.

Asking questions on social media like ‘if your mother slaps your girlfriend who will cook egusi’ please stop it.

Stop wasting our time and data.

Please don’t let anyone remind you to treat people around you like humans beings in 2019. From your security man to your cleaner.

No be only you Buhari dey frustrate, carry your voter’s card and go and vote in February.

If you’ve been collecting money to help politicians spread their lies on social media, it’s not too late to give your life to Christ.

You’ll be tweeting that the governor of your state has built 20 schools when you know that one road he hasn’t even fixed.

Asking people questions like ‘when will you marry’, ‘why are you adding weight’, that’s bad behaviour leave it in 2018.

Keep your questions to yourself.

You might think we are just joking but please let’s all endeavour to add these to our new year’s resolution lists.

Meanwhile, what are you guys new year’s resolutions?


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