When it comes to naming school’s in Nigeria, most people use their names to make it easy but the rest of them go to the deepest, wickedest parts of their brains and come up with the funniest Nigerian school names.

1. Olodo grammar School

First of all, Yes, It’s a perfectly normal Yoruba name but come on. Everyone knows how Olodo Is mostly used as an Insult, these people are basically setting these kids up for bullying later in life.

2. Disney School

Does Disney know that they have a school somewhere in Nigeria? Do the kids randomly burst into songs when life gets a little too much? why does this exist?

3. Joliday Nursery School

How do you even tell your friends that you attended Joliday nursery school? Are kids forced to be jolly and merry 24/7 in this school?

4. Pinky& The Brain School

What was going on in the principal’s mind when they named this school? is this a school for lab mice? Is their motto “Try to take over the world!” This is certainly one of the funniest school names in Nigeria.

5. Facebook nursery and primary School

Someone alert brother Mark, I know damn well that they did not get permission to use this name. Why are Nigerians like this?

6. Defeat Corruption International School

I think we should enrol every politician in Nigeria into this school, maybe they could learn a thing or two after a few years.

7. Tiny Tits school

We are convinced that they meant to say Tiny Tots because nothing about the name of this school makes sense. How did they even get to register the school with a name like this?

8. Massacre School

Everything about the name of this school sounds like a fucking threat. Do they beat kids for fun in this school?

9. Ashawo School

I have several questions. How does this exist? Is this a joke? Do they pimp students out? Parents can’t possibly see the name of this school and pay for their kids to attend this right? right??

10. Divine Corona private school

This would have been a perfectly normal-ish name for a school if we weren’t in a pandemic with the same name. Kids that attend this school definitely get bullied a lot, children can be very mean.

11. Twinsland International College

They didn’t even try to name this school at all, what exactly were they on when they came up with this? Do they only accept twins? What about triplets, aren’t they technically twins plus one?

12. President Barack Obama High School

Abolish Nigerians. Who lets people get away with things like this? Is this a money-laundering front? How did they create a school anthem from a name like this? They should arrest all the people involved in the creation of this school, to be honest. The award for the funniest Nigerian school names definitely goes to them.



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